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AstroPupCoin is built using the latest versions of the OpenZeppelin smart contracts, ensuring a high level of security and compliance. The smart contract has been thoroughly reviewed and audited to ensure that it is free from any security vulnerabilities or exploits. Additionally, the code is designed to be compliant with the standards set forth by major cryptocurrency exchanges, including Coinbase.





ll. Tokenomics


lll. Burning Mechanism

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Contract Address: 0x96eafff5bedf18566b18fce71c2323b69c795623

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AstroPupCoin (ASPC) is an innovative, community-driven cryptocurrency that aims to create a new standard for meme coins. Our mission is to provide a unique and enticing investment opportunity for serious investors, crypto enthusiasts, and newcomers to the world of cryptocurrency. By combining a robust tokenomics system with a burning mechanism, AstroPupCoin sets itself apart from other meme coins in the market.

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Vl. Conclusion

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l. Introduction

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AstroPupCoin incorporates a burn mechanism that burns a percentage of tokens during each transaction. This feature is designed to decrease the token supply over time, potentially increasing the value of the remaining tokens. The burn rate is set to 1%.

AstroPup Coin (ASPC) sets a new standard for meme coins by combining a robust tokenomics system with a burning mechanism and a strong focus on its community. By targeting serious investors, crypto enthusiasts, and newcomers to the cryptocurrency world, AstroPup Coin aims to become a top 300 cryptocurrency on CoinMarketCap. Join us on this exciting journey as we explore the vast possibilities of the cryptocurrency universe together.

V. Community-Driven

AstroPup Coin is an ERC20 token built on the Ethereum blockchain. The total supply of ASPC is 69 billion. The tokenomics are designed to create a sustainable and growing ecosystem that benefits all participants. Initial Token Distribution: Total Supply: 69,000,000,000 ASPC Founder: 9,000,000,000 ASPC Crowdfunding: 60,000,000,000 ASPC 40% for liquidity pools. 24,000,000,000 10% for Charity donations and giveaways 6,000,000,000 5% for future developments 3,000,000,000 ​​5% for marketing 3,000,000,000​ 40% Only the community can say! 24,000,000,000

White Paper


AstroPupCoin's primary focus is on its community. The founder has renounced ownership of the smart contract upon deployment; ensuring that it is a truly community-driven project. This approach fosters a decentralized environment where the community can work together to shape the future of AstroPupCoin.

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